Subjective objective

Google, publish Ramadan information site for Muslims. The fasting ... Fasting and consumption In the big earthquake that occurred in Nepal in the month this year, 00 or more people, the month in the heat wave that occurred in India, and 00 or more people is to have died, followed by the situation should be called a passion for South Asia there. Under these circumstances, by the heat wave that occurred in Pakistan in the second half of the month, already, such as heat stroke, 00 more than the dead are reported to have moved out. In addition to electric power infrastructure is unstable, it appears to be the country's official religion has entered into Islam Ramadan (fasting month), that the food and drink during the day can not be performed at all, including the water has exacerbated the situation, It has attracted public attention. But this Ramadan, There is only say that fasting "month", months (lunar calendar) Following it, but I wonder if the economic there is what kind of influence.