Muslims had entered the Ramadan

Google, publish Ramadan information site for Muslims. The fasting ... Muslims had entered the Ramadan month to month around from the date this month. For fasting from sunrise to sunset (Saumu) is carried out, take a meal plenty happening before sunrise. People to capture by mistake and that of fasting Ramadan are also many, but with Ramadan, which means the first month of the Islamic calendar. Morning up early, because you can not during the day eating and drinking, reduces the work efficiency of the Malays, and then leave early in pray o'clock worked until noon. During this period, we visited a large number of Arab-Muslim tourists referred to as a "summer" from the Middle East. Here compared to the Middle East living in degrees or more of the burning areas may also be cool in the following year degree, but the real purpose is "fasting escape". According to Islam "travelers are exempt from fasting" to expand interpret because, many of the millionaire went on a trip to Ramadan, will escape the fasting. Here KL Even in this period, we have increased women's black clothes is.